Green Energy

– Van Phat Group is one of the leading green energy project developers in Vietnam. With a focus on developing renewable energy projects such as solar, wind and hydropower, we contribute to creating clean and sustainable energy sources for the country.

– We are committed to bringing high efficiency to businesses and organizations, through providing advanced green energy technology and solutions. We create not only highly economical projects but also a vision of environmental protection and sustainable development.

– Our strengths lie in solving the challenges of energy flow, performance and reliability of renewable energy systems. We apply advanced methods and technology to ensure the project operates stably and effectively.

– Through our work, Van Phat Group wishes to contribute to building a sustainable future and promoting the development of green energy in Vietnam. We are always willing to support and provide green energy solutions for small and medium-sized businesses.

– At Van Phat, our approach is personal. We put ourselves in each customer’s shoes to understand their individual needs and help create the most satisfactory environmentally friendly clean energy products.



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